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"Future Trends 2010" Web Marketing Webinar
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Do you know why 2010 will be a great time for both local and global business? If you don't, you may be overlooking the latest and most effective marketing trends in 2010.

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What People are Saying about these Training Sessions...

Testimonials from Past Seminars

“Kamau is a brilliant speaker who made a technical topic extremely interesting. He engaged the room and everyone left the seminar armed with ready to use tips to increase traffic flow and maintain stickyness on their websites. I would recommend Kamau to anyone looking to increase their business locally and internationally.”

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Good Value

Kenneth Smith, Owner Travel Genie Dreams Come True Travel
September 21, 2009

"The seminar was very good, useful, and informative for local small businesses in the area"

Alicia Robinson, Branch Bank Manager, Investors Bank Montclair

"I was very impressed with your (Kamau Austin's) presentation. And I don't impress easy."

Tere Bresin, Owner, Beret Designs, Essex County, NJ

"Kamau Austin is the man when it comes to explaining Internet marketing".

Cathy Gaines, Owner, Massage Magic, Northern NJ

Learn to Get On Top of Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Network Effectively on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other high traffic social media sites.

Discover how to promote your business, church and nonprofit organization with new local
geo-targeting technologies.

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Are You Prepared for the next wave in Internet Promotion...
...Web 3.0 Marketing?

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What is Advanced "WEB 3.0" Marketing? Web 3.0 is the next natural progression of the Internet.

Web 1.0 marketing was built on the commercial adoption of the Internet back in 1995. Web 2.0 marketing (circ. 2001 - 2009) leverages the socialization of the web with sophisticated websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and social media services like Ning.

Web 3.0 marketing (2010 and beyond) will help your local business capitalize on the razor sharp localization and personalization of the web made possible by evolving and advanced geo-targeting technologies used by companies like Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Whether looking to earn income with eCommerce or develop a strong online brand and digital profile don't miss this enlightening evening on cutting edge search engine and social media promotion.

Check Out How this Dadpreneur drives thousands of
Local Business Customers Every Week to his Clients with
Geo-targeting Technologies Native to
Popular Search Engines and Social Media Sites

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Kamau Austin is a Dadpreneur, Activist, Cancer Survivor, and published author of books in the fields of Business Funding and Internet Marketing. He will share his latest insider secrets on how major websites with new geo-targeting technology can help boost your local business.

Some of Kamau's client's are getting 3,257 new visitors to their websites weekly just from Google Local's map feature. Austin also built a Facebook friends list of over 3,181 people within a few months.

"Austin only spent 30 minutes a day building up his Facebook friends lists!"

Amazingly Kamau Austin, started in web design and marketing 9 years ago not even being able to login into Windows. Now he owns top ranking websites on the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

His sites have world class rankings in major industries like business finance and funding (in 2004 a 1.38 Trillion Dollar Business Sector). Plus his site Search Engine Plan is one of the top ranking search engine sites locally in New Jersey on Google.

Mr. Austin also has been able to help Internet startups generate thousands of site visitors within weeks. These prospective customers are driven from major search engines and their local map applications.

Plus Kamau's efforts on social media and video sites send you visitors from places like YouTube, Twitter, and FaceBook. You can't afford to miss this cutting edge presentation on promoting your local business, organization, or church online.

Kamau's motto is...

"Why Search for Customers When
You Can Have Your Customers
Search for You?"


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