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Search Engine Optimization in New Jersey and New York City
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What is Search Engine Plan?

Search Engine Plan is a search engine optimization (SEO) firm, with expertise in attaining top rankings in Google Local and Traditional organic SEO. We also specialize in article marketing, online PR, and PPC advertising consulting. We offer hands-on search engine marketing in New Jersey and New York City.

In addition to offering search engine marketing services in NJ and NYC we also offer article marketing, online PR, and social marketing promotion to companies any where in the world.

We specialize in helping to create high ranking web sites especially in targeted niche markets. We also help you get high visibility on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Ning and other social media sites.

The Top 7 Reasons Your Site Should have a Search Engine Marketing Strategy.

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1. 47% of Internet traffic is driven from the search engines.

2. 91% of Internet sales are first researched on the search engines.

3. Search engine traffic is the best free way to position your business to target ideal sales leads and customers.

4. Search engine traffic is more targeted and receptive to your products and services. This is the case because unlike traditional advertising search engine traffic is initiated by the customer.

5. 20% of search engine queries are for local traffic. Twice as many people use search engines to find local businesses as do use the local yellow pages.

Google receives 50% of its searches for local information, businesses, and organization. Therefore, if you have a local business you could increase it 20% - 50% with strong visibility on Google Local Map results and traditional organic SEO.

6. Search engines are the cornerstones of any Internet marketing campaign (I don't know any successful Internet marketer that doesn't have a search engine marketing component to their marketing).

7. Search engine traffic can be inexpensive or free but naturally monetized with strategies like Google Adsense, link brokering, and traditional advertising.

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